Zack Cote is a creative developer in Providence.

Providence, need SCOBYS?

For almost six months now, my fiancee and I have been brewing Kombucha in the corner of our tiny Providence kitchen to delicious and potentially healhful results. If you’ve never thrown down the $5 or more for a store-bought bottle, it’s tough to understand what you’re missing out on.

Kombucha’s fizzy, sour bite pairs great with sweeter fruit flavors and is intensified even further by grating in some fresh ginger. We usually use assorted combinations of lemon & lime, blackberries & raspberries, ginger, and even spices like coriander and turmeric.

our kombucha setup

###How it Works

Behind every batch of the ‘booch is a SCOBY: Symbiotic Colony Yeast and Bacteria. This bacteria, similarly to that in the yogurt and cheesemaking processes, ferments the mixture providing carbonation, various acids and macronutrients, and a less than .5% alcohol content.

###Want to Brew Yourself?

One of the best things about brewing Kombucha is that after each round a new SCOBY is produced. Most brewers keep a “SCOBY hotel”—a container full of leftover SCOBYS.

If you’re in the Providence Area and are looking to make kombucha for yourself, send me a tweet or email and I’ll hook you up with a SCOBY and some pointers. You’ll need some sort of large, glass container to brew in, some black tea, and plenty of sugar, and then you’ll be ready to go.

a sweet pic of zack cote

Zack Cote is as creative developer in Providence, RI. Feel free to say hi on twitter.